Kids-Focused, Responsible, Imaginative, Engaged, Determined to Learn

College and Career Ready


A new way to vision the future for students:

Empowering Students to Discover and Design their Dreams!

Our students are more than benchmarks!

The focus of a kid∙FRIENDLy CCRCs is to help all stakeholders value students as more than a benchmark. We are all committed to preparing well-rounded students who have the “GRIT” and the academic skills for post-secondary success.

Circle of Influence – Year 2


Students discover their talents and interests and know their academic data.


Students work with CCRCs to articulate their dreams for high school and post-secondary life.


Students design a plan for post-secondary success through goal-setting and academic advising, that guides their course work and experiences in high school.

Four Dimensions of College and Career Readiness

“These areas encompass the areas for which high schools can reasonably be expected to take primary responsibility to provide all students the necessary learning experiences and programs of preparation.” ~David T. Conley


Year 2 Activities

Support students as they…


Cultural Competencies:  Embracing students as Individuals

GRIT Profile Data:  Share data with  Leadership or Data Team(s)

WIN Software and Strategic Compass

Personal Greatness:  GRIT Team Membership for CCRCs

Support students as they…


Outreach: Collaborate with elementary and middle school stakeholders to provide training materials and assistance

kid-FRIENDLy Career Exploration Program: Promote elementary, middle and high school career exploration  over the student’s academic career

Support students as they…


Six Year Plan: Students map  a course of study for high school and beyond
kid∙FRIENDLy Website for Students and Families:   Tools to “demystify” the transition to post-secondary life for families and students


Dennis Horn
Program Manager