Kids-Focused, Responsible, Imaginative, Engaged, Determined to Learn

Innovation Pathway: College and Career Readiness to Life•Ready

What is Life•Ready

Students who are Life•Ready exhibit the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to succeed in a career. Life•Ready students set goals, succeed in any learning environment that supports their career choice, advocate for themselves, and navigate contextual situations of adult life.

Contextual Awareness

No matter the situation I’m in, I know what to do.

Schools promoting Life•Ready attributes prepare students with contextual awareness skills and dispositions (e.g. financial literacy, soft skills, problem solving, and decision-making) to navigate any post-secondary learning environment and workplace, enabling them to find success in their career choices.


Adults in my school provide support to promote my success

Leaders ensure Life•Ready is apparent in the inner workings of the school and school system as they empower all stakeholders to collectively “own” the process for preparing students for success while pursuing and cultivating partnerships with the community that ha reciprocal benefits and enhances the local economy.


My family knows how to support me to be ready for the future

Families are full partners in their child’s education to the realization that all schooling leads to Life•Ready.


I am taught what I need to know and my learning connects to my goals.

Elementary students begin with the “end in mind.” As students transition to middle school, they are provided time to intentionally build on the experiences of elementary school and begin to plan their futures. As a result, high schools offer a challenging curriculum, expand career pathways, and intentionally design career experiences leading to Life•Ready.

Student Empowerment

I am in charge of my future!

Students are empowered to become drivers of their PreK-12 education and achieve their personal goals.

More Than A Benchmark

3-D: A New Way to Vision the Future for Students: Empowering Students to Discover and Design their Dreams!



Identify Your Dreams

Students discover their talents and interests and know their academic data.


Set Goals

Students work with CCRCs to articulate their dreams for high school and post-secondary life.


Pursue Your Passions

Students design a plan for post-secondary success through goal-setting and academic advising, that guides their course work and experiences in high school.