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Cultural Proficiency

Cultural Proficiency

Embark On A Journey That Will Lead To Powerful Change

Bowling Green, KY
JAN 13-14, 2015
JAN 15-16, 2015
MAR 9-10, 2015

Louisville, KY
FEB 10-11, 2015

School Teams Should Include:

  • Principal
  • Instructional or Curriculum Lead
  • CCRC (High School Only)
  • Teachers from the Personal Learning Planning Team

District Teams Should Include:

  • Superintendent
  • Kid-FRIENDLy Point of Contact
  • Instructional Supervisor
  • SPED
  • DPP
  • Deepen their understanding of the specific tools of Cultural Proficiency.
  • Develop strategies to embrace culture as an asset.
  • Learn the intersections between the Cultural Proficiency framework and poverty, English language learners, professional learning communities, and personalized learning.
  • Receive tools to help mediate conversations with their colleagues,students, and parents.

Why Should We Attend:

  • Increase student achievement across every demographic.
  • Learn a framework for effectively describing, responding to, and planning for issues that arise in diverse environments.